Running Your GYM is Made Easy with Chatbots

Humans have been working on advancing technologies for decades so that they won’t have to do everything on their own. AI and robots exist in almost every industry ranging from agriculture and manufacturing to online trading and transportation. We have come so far that many problems are rising due to exactly that same advancement. For example, since robots and AI are replacing humans in various sectors, the unemployment rate has gone up dramatically in many countries, and physical and mental health has become quite a big concern in society. Since no AI or technology can do the work out for our health, the demand and need for fitness facilities increased quite significantly as well. However, that does not mean technology can not have any positive impact on the health and fitness industry. Indeed this particular industry has benefited a lot from the advancement: advanced types of equipment, health monitoring apps, operation management software, and more.

With the Covid-19 pandemic across the globe, people were forced to stay at home. As a result, many tried to keep up with their fitness routine at home, and some failed halfway through. Though finally, this complete lockdown and virus seem to be coming to an end. That, in turn, is causing a large volume of people to flow into gyms to form their fitness lifestyle back. Although that is excellent news for health and fitness businesses, it comes with a few challenges. One of which is human resources. Business owners are having a hard time finding a sufficient number of people to help run their businesses. What is happening, as a result, is either resulting in unsatisfied clients or exhausted staff due to a vast amount of tasks.

Conversational AI (aka chatbots) is another golden piece of technology that will potentially do wonders in the health and fitness industry. In fact, many businesses have been implementing them in their day-to-day operations for years now.
Let us have a look at how chatbots can change the way health and fitness businesses are run.

Gym Tour Guide

Although many gyms offer a first-time guide for newcomers, it still happens that some people just do not get that opportunity. Instead, they wander around the gym, not knowing how to use specific equipment or being shy to ask people around. It is obviously not a pleasant experience for a client and not good for the business as well. So what is better than a chatbot to solve this common problem? With a chatbot integrated into instant messengers, clients can request the introduction of any gym equipment on a chat interface that makes them feel like they are asking from a friend. For even a better experience, chatbots can use gifs and videos to illustrate how specific types of equipment are used.

Personal Trainer

It is not a secret that the majority of people do work out by themselves because PTs can be pretty expensive. Unfortunately, though, many people do not know the secrets of exercising and meal plans. So what they end up doing is either watching free YouTube videos or imitating people around them. The problem here is that people rarely find the right programs that fit their fitness goals and body type. Surely, chatbots are never going to replace PTs, but they can help people understand and follow the basics of working out. What’s more, it is not as complicated as it may sound. Simply inputting the right keywords and investing some time arranging those keywords with the equipment in the gym is all it takes to get started with them.

Gym Buddy

According to statistics, January is the month when more people sign up for gym memberships (12%) than other months of the year. In addition, the same study shows that 50% of new members discontinue their membership after six months in the gym. While there can be many reasons for that, lack of motivation and support is one of them. Constant reminders of their fitness goals, sending inspirational texts, and tracking & showing the progress made are good practices to keep people going. For chatbots, it is one of their basic tasks. It takes a one-time effort from users to answer questions for a personalized experience. Examples for those questions can be: 

  1. What is your fitness goal?
  • Lose 6 kg weight 
  1. How long is your desired time frame for this goal? 
  • Six month 
  1. What is your current weight? 
  • 80kg 

Chatbots can provide support, guidance, and motivation based on the answers. But, of course, it is not chatbots who know all those things; fitness professionals at the back end of chatbot administration should initially set up the scenarios. Then AI-powered chatbots can learn and advance as they interact with more and more people. 

5 Basic Functions for Day-to-day Operations 

FAQ – every business can have an FAQ, and letting chatbots handle them is a good idea. It saves time and resources for your staff to focus on more important tasks. 

Bookings – Although there are many online booking engines, chatbots may serve you as another channel to increase your sales.

In-house assistant – When everybody is busy assisting clients, your staff may find it hard to communicate with one another. In-house chatbots can provide basic internal help; stock updates, gym policies, etc.  

Broadcasting gym updates – Working hours, promotional events, social events, and more can be broadcasted to gym members through chatbots so that they stay informed about what is happening in their gym. 

Receiving customer feedback – Customer satisfaction is the key for any business, and so is for the gym. Listening to them and working based on their feedback helps serve your clients better. Easily accessible and 24/7 available chatbots can receive and store the customers’ thoughts for you to work on. 

On a Last Important Note 

It would be a big mistake to ignore the innovations in this fast-paced world. Thus keeping up with the trends is beneficial for both your clients and your business. Chatbots are one of the on-trend innovations and, of course, need across many industries. Consider implementing them in your gym operations and see what they can do. Remember, Makebot is always one click away should you need any assistance.

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