Introducing Chattybook, The Beauty Chatbot Solution For You

Makebot is excited to announce our soon-to-launch product, Chattybook, catering especially to the beauty services industry.
Introducing Chattybook, The Beauty Chatbot Solution For You

Shop owners, have you ever wondered how many more customers you could have had if you allowed after-hours reservations? According to research conducted by Book Salon, more than 1000 salons reported that 52% of appointment bookings happen between 5 PM to 9 AM. That means you are missing out on half of the customers you could’ve gotten.

Then again, there is no way that you can stay up all night after a long day of work to answer messages and phone calls, right? We made a product to help you solve this issue. 

Say hello to Chattybook. With Chattybook, you no longer have to worry about missing out on a customer again!

What Is Chattybook?

Chattybook is a chatbot booking management solution by Makebot. It helps shop owners to manage their appointments and customers can book services by themselves through instant messaging apps such as Facebook Messenger. To put it simply, our chatbot will receive your customers’ bookings and automatically put them in your schedule, sending them reminders so you don’t have to!

How Can Chattybook Help?

For Shop Owners

Chattybook schedule overview for each day. Clearly see each staff's daily appointments with their own distinguishing color.

Chattybook is a management system made easy! You can manage all your bookings, clients, and staff on one site without having to download a single app. You can add different services and products that are offered to clients in multiple languages. You can also manage many bookings, confirm bookings and change booking times. Our ranking feature allows you to separate clients into different levels and build loyalty programs.

For Shop Customers

We made it easy for you, the owners, but how about from the customer’s perspective? With Chattybook, our solution can make that process simple by searching the shop name, scanning the QR code, or using the URL, customers can make reservations via instant messaging apps. Through our Stylebook feature, your customers can see the services and products you offer. The booking process is made easier as customers can book whenever they want, wherever they want. 

What Are The Key Benefits?

Still thinking? Well, here are a few reasons why you should use Chattybook now:

  1. Decrease operational costs
    • Since Chattybook uses a chatbot to handle your client’s bookings, there is no need to hire additional employees, hence, cutting down your human resources cost.
  2. Increased productivity
    • Since you do not have to handle the administrative stuff on your own any longer, you can focus on delivering the best quality services to your consumer.
  3. Increased retention rate
    • Say goodbye to unanswered calls and messages! With Chattybook being available 24/7, your customers will have someone to talk to regarding their bookings. Shops that respond quickly to their customers are more likely to have a higher customer loyalty rate.

Stay tuned in the next few weeks to learn more about our features and how Chattybook can help you. In the meantime follow our newly launched Instagram page: @chattybooknow

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