3 Scrub Types Your Clients will Love

A scrub is an important part of a spa session. To give your clients a glowy and soft touch, you should exfoliate their bodies for 20-30 minutes before a massage. Although a body scrub is a must-have treatment on your spa menu, it is often not easy to choose the “right” types of scrub to offer to clients. Listed below are the most commonly used scrub types.

Sugar Scrub

Sugar scrub has a softer texture than regular scrub and is frequently combined with additional ingredients. Many people, for example, make their own sugar scrub by mixing in coffee grinds. Coffee grounds do not only have a pleasant smell but also have been long known for being one of the well-loved key ingredients in body care that helps treat cellulite. Sugar scrub is also well-known for its use on the face and the body.

sugar scrub with honey

Salt Scrub

Unlike sugar scrub, a salt scrub is made of larger particles. As a result, it is more abrasive but can help exfoliate the skin better. This is an excellent benefit of salt scrub for people with oily skin. Moreover, salt scrub can help reduce muscle soreness which is another good reason to consider when deciding what types of scrub to use.

salt scrub with flower petals

Gel Scrub

And last but not least, Clients who have sensitive skin should be introduced to gel scrub. Gel scrub gently exfoliates the skin without causing irritation.

To be careful, spa technicians should provide clients a full consultation and thoroughly ask about their skin type before deciding on a scrub type to avoid any side effects.

*Results and benefits may vary depending on brands/products

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